life hacks for sad sacks

As a college student struggling to get by in my day to day life, I usually turn to the internet to help me find my way through all the chaos. Whether I’m Googling how to properly cook a chicken or how to unclog a toilet, I’m always looking for help. Luckily, I’ve found a blog that can help with any of that. It’s called and it is a Life for Dummies handbook for anything.

For example… I am a Netflix junkie. I spend more time on Netflix than I probably do anything else (it’s pretty bad). So I’m always searching for new things to watch, old things to rewatch, and what not. But sometimes Netflix’s selection just isn’t cutting it. But LIFEHACKS sends help! They have an article spelling out all the things that will be arriving to and leaving Netflix in 2016

You can pretty much find hacks for anything on this site, especially easy ways to save money, food, and time. Turn leftover food into a breakfast dish, how to figure out what your real bra size is, form better spending habits with these steps… it’s AH-mazing.

I also really love the layout of this blog. Although it’s simple, it’s easy to navigate and everything is really clear. There are no surprises about what you’ll be reading, all the titles skip right to the punch. They post their newest or most popular articles right at the top, and post the rest down throughout the page. There are no annoying ads that pop up and block you from getting to the content you actually want to see… it’s all very clear and concise. Just like most of their hacks.

Also, once you click on an article in LifeHacks, it recommends you another one you may like. I could sit at my computer for hours clicking and reading, scrolling and going “no way.” There’s so many cheats in life that I never knew about, and now I do thanks to this blog.

You can also comment on the articles and respond to other comments which creates a forum-like environment on the bottom of each post, allowing you and others to post your own life hacks, or sharing if these did or did not work for you.

They suggest related blogs and blogs you may like, which have landed me to finding even more blogs I find interesting linked here.

It’s amazing what you can find with a little search on the Googs. For me, I’ve found 90 ways to save half my paycheck. What will you find?

life hacks for sad sacks

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