Lemon Stripes

My recent blog obsession has been Lemon Stripes.  Lemon Stripes is a fashion and lifestyle blog started by Julia Dzafic.  Julia includes posts relating to fashion, recipes, wellness, decor, travel, and lifestyle.  After finding her on Instagram, I was amazed by how similar my style is to hers and was led to her blog where I saw my inspiration for what I hope my blog will be like one day.  In her “About” section on the blog, she says, “a few of my favorite things are green juice, stripes, bright colors, white jeans, J.Crew style guides, gold jewelry, fresh flowers, blazers, beach vacations, and running (always outside, never on a treadmill).”  This is what made me think “wow we are almost the same person.”  Ever since then, I have subscribed to her email list and always check her blog for updates and pieces of advice and outfit inspiration.


Lemon Stripes

One thought on “Lemon Stripes

  1. I checked out the blog Lemon Stripes and I love the blog! The name itself sounds innovative and trendy, and the overall look of the site looks aesthetically pleasing. I like the transparency on the homepage and how easy it is to access the different things Julia Dzafic offers. The website reminds me of a magazine for a store like JCPenny because it features things about lifestyle, fashion, food, and decor. But as you pointed out, the Dzafic goes further and includes wellness and travel. I think she did an amazing job capturing things she loves in her blog but also makes sure what she included is a variety of things. I can’t say that I share the same style as Dzafic, but I still like a lot of her pieces. Her recipes are presented very neatly and I like how each one has a little blurb about them instead of just the title when you first click on the Recipes tab. It’s a very clever marketing strategy to include a Shop button on the bottom of the page so that website viewers can purchase things of hers that they like. Under each item, no matter what tab it is, there are options to share the recipe or fashion item on social media, which is also another clever marketing strategy. Putting that sharing option underneath every item encourages a user to act on the initial feelings they have about that item. Hoping that they are good reviews, Dzafic is receiving free advertisement when a fan shares her recipe or sweater wrap on social media. As much as her blog is pretty and helpful when you’re looking for fashion advice, it’s a business and I commend Julia Dzafic for marketing herself so strategically.


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