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My favorite blog to check out is The Laugh Button, which covers all news regarding comedy and famous comedians. The site posts news about comedic shows on television and online which keeps its readers up to date. This website is innovative because it’s a news source concentrated on comedy, which (at least to my knowledge) hasn’t been done before. News regarding comedy is usually covered by a source that has a widespread of things to cover where a reader can read the headline and then move on. But on this site, we are told about upcoming shows and revivals all in one spot so the clicking doesn’t have to stop. Comedy new doesn’t seem like it could be constantly active but the site has included many more articles that you wouldn’t normally  perceive as comedy. For example, Sunday night was the MTV movie awards and, as seen in the picture above, the site covered winners who fall under the genre comedy in this article and included short clips of the actors and actresses from the award show. The site also features videos that audiences are interested in but wouldn’t normally find on their usual news source, such as the Neighbors 2 Red Band trailer or a video about Mindy Tucker’s Women In Comedy Senior Class Photo.

The blog covers more than just news. It has a podcast which has different hosts each week and guests–including comedian Cameron Esposito. The Laugh Button also has an online store where you can not only purchase apparel but create a piece of clothing as well! This allows users to be exposed and have other people who share the same interests check out their work. In addition, the blog has a tab called “Stand Up” which includes clips of stand up, and photos and news regarding standup on The Laugh Button’s stand up show, “The Half Hour” and stand up on other places too, like Comedy Central. The blog features a wide variety of Interviews to watch and read as well. There is a tab called “Features” which includes many things to check out such as photos, twitter reviews, Comedy 101 (guides about comedy and how to land a laugh), contests, and much more. The Laugh Button offers so much content to view and read regarding comedy. It’s more convenient for people who are interested in all things comedy to visit this site because everything mainstream that I would want to know is on this site as well as new content from comedians I’ve never heard of. And the blog is updated every day since there are news articles about current events posted the day after the event happens, if not the day of.

As for the aesthetic of the site, it’s very easy to use and navigate. As seen in the picture above, the first thing you see on the site are articles and videos that are very hot at the moment and as you scroll down, there are news and suggested videos to watch. Every set of words is paired with a picture to keep the visitor intact and the other content that isn’t on the homepage is very easy to access through the tabs.

Overall, The Laugh Button is one of my favorite blogs to visit since it satisfies my thirst for knowing what’s going on in the comedy world and I would definitely recommend it to people who have a love of comedy as well.

All Things Comedy

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