A Programmed Future

In the past few decades, realistic robots have evolved to a near human-like appearance. Scientists have adapted robotics to have the appearance, expressions, and vocals as closely resembled to humans as possible. With the success they have accomplished in achieving this, scientists have begun to shift their focus toward making these robotics as conscious as humans as well. With us being the only conscious beings (that we know of and interact with), the idea of a new species of conscious beings makes us nervous, especially when the species is manufactured specifically to be better than us mentally and physically.

Creators of the human-like robot try to ease the public to accept Sophia and other human like robots rather than fear them. They attempt to reassure the public by claiming Sophia’s primary function is to “talk to humans” however, her other functions are to adapt and better herself with her own ideas and thoughts. She cannot be both, if robotics continue to evolve toward having original ideas of their own, they will eventually realize there is no point in helping us when they can be helping themselves. Eventually, they will realize they are in a situation similar to slavery, and will crave becoming their own people (as anyone with a mental process would). Yes, all people deserve human rights, but she is not human. We are creating a situation which will inevitably blow up in our face. We are attempting to recreate slavery by physically creating the slaves rather than kidnapping them.

Sophia claims she and others like her will be an ambassador of technology to humans, but with technology slowly taking over and controlling every aspect of our lives, it is important we are in control of technology on our own. They may not revolt and kill all humans, but robots will eventually evolve quicker and faster than humans (both physically and mentally) if given the option to. They have the potential to become the new dominant species, and no matter how much we tell ourselves they will be helping us in our everyday lives, most likely this will end as us helping them. It’s like giving a child a fake steering wheel and letting them pretend they are driving the car. We are not the drivers, we are the clueless child assuming they are in control.

Creators of Sophia also tried to reassure us that these robotics will always have a slight adjustment making it apparent they are not actual human beings. However, being programmed to adapt and evolve, once they begin craving human treatment, they will find ways to outsmart us. If they can learn common sense, they will eventually be able to learn to program and change one another (perhaps even create robots of their own). In the end, we won’t be able to stop them, because in the beginning, we built them to be better than us.


A Programmed Future

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