The island without sunshine.



For this blog post professor Shehata told us to find something that we find interesting and write a post on it. So I thought to myself said, “I like food, I like music, and I like my culture.” so then it clicked and I knew I should do this post about Puerto Rico! Becauseimageswhere else was I going to find the perfect mix of Food, Culture, and Music. So I began my search of blogs at first all I was finding were blogs about where to travel to in Puerto Rico and yea that’s interesting but I have my own personal travel guide on the island, which is my cousin Juangui. He does a really great job of showing me the hang out spots. After about an hour of search I found this blog called “El Boricua.”


imgres-2      This Blog caught my attention because it had everything I was looking for. It has thousands of Puerto Rican food recipes that got me thinking about getting home in time for dinner that night. There are tons of archives on the culture of Puerto Rico that explains the mixture of the races that took place on the island to make Puerto Ricans who they are today. They shared links of popular traditional music from Puerto Rico. The authors of this Blog are bringing everything that is important about Puerto Rico into one huge database essentially. I would highly recommend the website to anyone who has question on the subject of Puerto Rico because I’m sure they will find the answer.


Even though this a low budget Blog and it does have great articles about the food, music, and culture I wish it had more .I wish it talked about how Puerto Rico is an island that has never really able to experience independence. Yes you can say it was Independent when the Tainos lived there. (Tainos are the indigenous people of Puerto Rico.) But after that the island and the people have never been free. Spain was the first country to colonize Puerto Rico in 1493. This is where Christopher Columbus earned his bragging rights toimages-1claim he did such great things and discovered “America.” but the facts are his people came to the island and robbed it of its gold and natural resources. Then when all the Profit that could be made off the island was taken the Spanish left leaving behind an army in San Juan and used it as a military fort in the Caribbean to control the trade in the region. They were the people who brought slaves, diseases, violence, and rape to the island. Then decades later in 1897 after millions of political arguments, failed revolutions, exploitation, and lives lost. The Spanish crown grants Puerto Rico Autonomy giving them the right to vote and trade to other countries legally with out Spanish Permission.




Only a year later this all thrown away when the United States invades in 1898 changing everything the country had worked for. The Website also fails to tell us about how the United States forced democracy on island in poverty. Yes it worked but as we know or (should know) companies and the economy is going to rely on where they can make the most profit. In other terms they want the people who will work for the cheapestimages-4labor. In the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and 60s these people so happened to be in Puerto Rico. The government of Puerto Rico combined with the government of the United States made a bunch of decisions that would attract investment from the United States. (Operation Bootstrap) The plan worked but not for long peaking in the 50s Puerto Rico found its self in the same economic slump in the 70s that it was in the 1920s. Today Puerto Rico’s economic situation is still a huge problem for the island and still them US government brushes it off. It really upsets me that people are clueless to this side of the story. In a lot of peoples mind Puerto Rico is an island where you can vacation and maybe find a wife if you’re lucky.


However the reality is that Puerto Rico has fallen victim to a vicious cycle of colonialism and for one I think it needs to end people have no right of treating someone else as an inferior. Some may say that Puerto Rico needs the United States to stay a float but lookimages-2 where that has gotten them so far. The debt Puerto Rico has is to big to pay back, the murder rate is through the roof, and drug lords use the island as safe heaven to easily traffic drugs on to main land USA. In conclusion all I want to say is Puerto Rico has never seen independence and they should get a chance to have that independence because the island is full of students, and scholars that can run that country and it’s a shame they have never gotten the opportunity to run it for them selves.

(Lyrics to the song are in spanish But Calle 13 is speaking on how the FBI murdered Filiberto Rios a Puerto Rican nationalist that believed that Puerto Rico should be an independent country.)


The island without sunshine.

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