My New Favorite Travel Blog

To this day I am still not much of a blogger. I am still not sure what is considered a great blog. But to me, a great blog has lots of great visuals that keep the reader interested in the topic of the blog. When reading a blog I look for an escape of some type. That is why out of every genre of blogs, travel blogs are my favorite. I came across many great candidates but what it came down to was the simplicity of the site. When blogs have complicated websites I find it hard to stay interested. The blog, My Life’s a Trip, by photographer Jen Pollack Bianco, really caught my eye. Because the creator of this blog is a photographer she keeps the reader fascinated by all the photos she has taken from her travels across the world. My dream is when I’m older that I can afford to go traveling to exotic places and experience new cultures, foods, and music. She livens up her blog by being able to take the reader with her to the places she travels. By looking at her pictures, it feels like you were there. She explores the many activities one can do in the places she travels.

In a blog post she writes about her travels to Stockholm and Sweden, here are some of her pictures.

Her pictures vary from, scenery to food, to the people livingthere to even her own personal selfies of herself while on her travels. Her blog is colorful and sophisticated but personal in a way that doesn’t sound like a diary. Essentially I am living my dream of traveling through this blog. So what makes this blog different then the others? I believe that this blog is different because it is a multi-media traveling blog. Its very visually appealing and has links to various sites to make the site more interesting and complex.

What makes this blog exciting is that the blogger, Jen, has traveled to places I have never heard of. This site does not only show me the places I want to travel to but give me insight to amazing new places.

These pictures look like they were taking on some typical beaches but they were actually taken in Mnemba Island, Zanzibar, Tanzania. Tanzania is located in Africa and I never imagined that Tanzania islands could look like that. Most people if they want to go to an island they think of the Caribbean, but why not just expand your horizons and go to a beach in on the Zanzibar Islands of Tanzania.

Jen’s blog is just refreshing and it allows me to explore without actually going anywhere.

My New Favorite Travel Blog

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