My New Favorite Blog


Looking at gymnastics blogs is just one way in which I get the latest gymnastics news, read up on my favorite athletes, and find new ways to make my own blog interesting.  While there are many blogs out there that all discuss the same news, they all provide unique perspectives on every issue, and sometimes completely different views of the same information.  While Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr are filled with people who love the sport and share information, the best features and information often comes from the numerous blogs that cover gymnastics.  My new favorite is a blog called Triple Twist.

This blog, while not the most active blog to be found, has amazing, in depth arguments, fun features on athletes, fun posts such as “Leotard Police” and fun lists and insight on the most prominent figures in the sports.  One particularly fun series of posts are the journals from Elena Arenas, a gymnast who just finished her first season as a junior elite. This is such original content, and you can tell the love of the sport is evident in what they post (which is what is most important!). They go above and beyond other gym blogs to find unique stories that you can’t find other places online.

Another stable of this blog are the lists Ashlee and Brittany compile.  You find lists all of over their blog, ranging from lists of the most anticipated Freshman in NCAA Gymnastics, to Top College Floor Routines.  They do a great job of ranking these routines in an un-bias way, while explaining their choices.  If you disagreed with some of their choices, their careful word choice can convert any doubter.  These lists, which of course include videos of each routine make it easy to form your own opinions and have conversations with the bloggers.

My favorite feature of the their blog are the interesting interviews they conduct with influential people in the sport of gymnastics.  Over the years, Ashlee and Brittany have interviewed Olympians such as Teodora Ungureanu, the 1976 Gold Medallist with the Romanian Team and most recently coach of 2011 World Champion Sabrina Vega, 2008 Olympic All Around Champion Nastia Liukin, 2004 Olympic All Around Champion Carly Patterson, 2007 World All Around Champion Shawn Johnson, and my personal favorite, visiting 2011 World All Around Champion Jordyn Wieber in her gym as she trains for the 2013 National Championships.  This unique feature gives great insight to what goes on inside an elite gym on a day to day basis.

The layout of this blog is simple.  The colors and fonts are basic and easy to read.  You don’t have to strain yourself to figure out what is being said.  There are many easy to navigate pages, that break down and organize the posts.  There is a page for each aspect of their blog, one for Written Features, Video Features, Interviews, Photographs, Contests they hold, and a contact page.

I really enjoy this blog because they provide great, unique content, in a organized, easy to read, easy to navigate format.

My New Favorite Blog

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