My favorite blog

PolkadotLike many people in this class, I never took a special interest in blogging or reading blogs before this semester. I would sometimes click on links to specific blog posts that were shared on Facebook, but I never read a blog religiously. However, I ran into one blog a few months ago that I spent a few hours lost in because it was so fascinating. I love to travel, guaranteed I haven’t been too many places. I think it would be better for me to say that I love the idea of traveling. Looking at pictures and watching movies that take place in various parts of the world makes me excited for the day where I’m not crippled by paying tuition and can afford to travel all over. Until then, I’ll take going to a different country every few years that my dad offers. Anyway, my family and I are going on vacation to Greece this summer and I was looking up different fun things to do while in Greece, which is when I ran into the blog I mentioned Earlier.

Polka Dot Passport is a travel blog ran by an Australian photographer named Nicole Easterby (Nicola). She writes about places she has travelled firsthand and what the best things to do there are. The only issue is that she hasn’t been to every country and therefore her blog posts of travel tips specific to certain destinations (Greece, Croatia, Australia, the USA, Africa, Spain, Italy, and a few more) wouldn’t necessarily be useful. However, she doesn’t only write about certain locations. She also blogs about general travel tips and products that she uses for traveling tat could be applicable for any traveler going to any destination.

Perhaps my favorite thing to look at on this blog are the photos. She takes such great pictures and I actually do follow her Instagram account where she posts all of them. That is what drew me in, it’s amazing that she takes such great pictures just with her iPhone. She even has a great corresponding article that gives tips on how to take pictures in the same way she does and she reveals the apps that she uses to edit her pictures.


This blog’s best feature in my opinion is how attainable she makes traveling and photography seem. She has many articles that give tips on how to travel places for a small amount of money and how to make it possible. It’s really inspiring and motivational for people who feel like they can’t travel because it’s too expensive or too complicated. She simplifies things.

My favorite blog

4 thoughts on “My favorite blog

  1. izzymirmerced says:

    Dear Anna I really liked your blog post and i’m happy that you are going to do a lot of traveling in your life! I think it is very important to understand where others come from because one it makes you better and maybe it may humble you about all the opportunities you have received living in the United States. Personally i have only traveled to Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic to visit family. The caribbean is definitely my favorite place on earth the sun, the beach, the food, the culture, and music etc. But i just wanted to let you know that you may dream of traveling to Europe when you have your “grown up job.” But going to Puerto Rico is fairly cheap depending on what time you buy it and what air port your landing in. I’ve seen tickets as low as $250 from Newark to Agudilla. My main message is to not sell your self short and try to do as much traveling in you life as possible and maybe right now you wont be able to go to Europe but I promise the Caribbean will not disappoint. OH and by the way all you need is a license to travel to Puerto Rico that will save you about $150 because not passport is needed.


  2. msicherer says:

    I have never really looked at travelling blogs but I can see why you like this one so much! It, essentially, is both a travel blog and a photography blog in all senses. It is really cool that the author of the blog provides tips in both travelling and photography and incorporates the two together seamlessly! Her photography is excellent and everything she says is incredibly accessible. Her blog not only makes travel easy, but also just inspires exploration in general. I also like the live links you included in your post, as it made finding all your examples a lot easier. Additionally, the photographs you included in your post also make it a lot easier to see what you are talking about when you reference the photography and travel. Overall, very informative post and I now have another blog I need to start following! Thank you!


  3. Elena Carrasquillo says:

    I love how we are so similar in that we both would love to travel some day. Lucky for you though that you get to travel somewhere new every couple years with your dad. I have never even been outside the United States and its territories. As you did, I chose a travel blog because I find the culture, food and music around the world fascinating. I checked out Polkadot Passport and loved it. It is definitely something I would read. I love the fact that the writer emphasizes that to explore you don’t necessarily have to leave your area. She wrote a blog post on Auckland where she lives and explained a budget friendly itinerary for her city. Because we live in an certain area we forget all the wonderful experiences and activities our nearby cities offer to us. Her blog makes me want to explore the town around me because there is so much I have not seen.


  4. victoriarrobbins says:

    It seems as though this post is pretty popular haha! I think it is due to the fact that the photos you used in this post are absolutely captivating! I mean after all, everyone can appreciate nice visuals. That being said I can see what attracted you to this blog, for I was attracted for the same reasons. I too, have a great interest in travel and I love when I am on social media and I see pages that capture extravagant parts of the world in such creative photos. In fact, my goal is to make traveling all over the world apart of my career as a doctor in the future due to the lack of travel that I have experienced thus far in life. The most interesting place I have gone to was Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. Anyway, I think you did a great job on giving details about the blog. Although I’ve never encountered a travel blog, this has become the first of the long list of blogs that I will keep my eye out for, now that I have been exposed to the world of blogging.


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