Cake Wrecks (my new favorite blog)

I actually was not really into blogging until I began to take this course. On that tangent, I have never really explored the world of blogs and, thus, have never found a blog I was really passionate about or avidly followed. The only social media I use are facebook and snapchat, and neither of those really qualify as blogs. IMG_6380

In order to complete this post, because I did not start blogging until this semester, I began to research just general lists of blogs. I searched through all different kinds of reports and lists, comparing and contrasting all the blogs I could find. The one thing I kept finding is that, at least in terms of subject matter, there is a tendency towards lack of originality; but this is expected. There is a lot to talk about in the world, but there are also enough blogs to cover every subject matter at least four times. So, I began to be intrigued by the most obscure blogs; ones whose subject matter could not be found anywhere else.

Throughout my research, my favorite blog ended up being a blog by the name of Cake Wrecks. Why? Well, because of its absolute obscurity. This blog is compelling, innovative, and different.

Cake Wrecks presents images of cakes for all different events that were prepared abysmally followed by witty captions. The biggest intrigue in this, at least to me, was the way in which the publisher of the blog uses these “cake wrecks” as a means of suggesting ways to avoid this and ideas on making your own cakes (so you do not have to suffer through the mistakes of chain-store screw-ups).

Cake Wrecks is compelling because it is absolutely ridiculous; how did the author acquire all these images of terrible cakes? where are the captions derived from? It is innovative because it uses something funny to educate its readers on ways to bake. As opposed to just being another website about baking, its a website about weird looking cakes, but it uses this subject to teach its readers. Lastly, Cake Wrecks is different because no where else will you find a blog on ugly cakes.

There are a lot more intellectual blogs in the world, ones which are much more thought provoking or provide a lot more information than captions and links, but I really admire Cake Wrecks for what they do.

10710906-26281510-thumbnailI found a lot of other blogs that intrigued me and connected to me a lot more than Cake Wrecks does, but most of them followed the same general format and were unoriginal to an extent.

We have looked at a lot of blogs throughout this semester and I have admired them all. I think they all probably have a lot more to offer than Cake Wrecks does. However, I am not changing my decision. Cake Wrecks has become my favorite blog (at least for today) in that it is just strange enough to be enjoyable.

I urge you all to take a look at this blog. It will most definitely not aid in any acquisition of intelligence but, it is most definitely creative enough to have kept me entertained and intrigued. I am sure not many will agree, but I personally feel that it is exceptionally original, compelling, innovative, and most definitely different.

Cake Wrecks (my new favorite blog)

One thought on “Cake Wrecks (my new favorite blog)

  1. It was great that you used hyperlinks to different articles on the blog throughout your post. I clicked on them when i got to the link and I ended up reading all the posts you had links to and even more on the blog. The concept is very funny but informative too. I remember a few years back when tv shows about cake decorating were all the rage (there had to have been at least 6 different shows) and I was really into them. This blog reminded me a lot of that. I used to be really into cake decorating so this especially appealed to my interests. The author’s voice and personality is very clear through her writing and she is very witty and funny. Besides that, all her tips were very helpful and she used the pictures of cakes and her language to reinforce that (especially in the cupcake cake post and in the article about dress shaped cakes). Her use of sarcasm only adds to how funny the pictures of the ridiculous cakes also are. The pictures you chose for this post were also really funny and definitely drew me to click on the links in the first place. Thank you for introducing us to this blog and for giving me something else to read while I procrastinate studying.


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