The art of language and voice

The scream of loud powerful voices echo throughout time. Whether it be from the respected Martin Luther King marching down Washington and delivering his famous speech, or the less respected hitler, commanding a crowd of millions to submit under his harsh rule, these historical figures have managed to make a dent in the human timeline through their voice, and the ideas that those voices carried. This paired with their mannerisms, such as how they walk, their choice of wording when speaking, the way the dress, how they get their hair done, and even their body language all work in unity, and help to paint an overall picture of them that will forever be imprinted in the record books. It’s an art to be able to gracefully control words in such a way that corresponds with ones own voice and identity.

voicee echo

Legends whose names have stood the test of time like Mahatma Gandhi, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle and Alexander the great could all be considered masters of their own voice. They have all been noted for their ability to not only define and make sense of the world through ideologies and philosophies, but also in their ability to act on those ideas, through voice. Through words they can convey intentions, represent feeling and emotions, ponder about the universe and present questions to the public that tackle society and human nature. When manipulated, words can also be used to demand respect, and have the ability to cast fear and dread through threats and verbal intimidation. Words have the power to reach where physical things cannot. They can reach deep into the human core, and can help to unveil the truths of society, humanity, and life in general.


Words, the sentences that make sense of them, and having complete control over ones voice, all are various forms of art. Art is the expression or application of human creative skill or imagination. Poetry fits this definition of art in the different ways it presents itself: haikus and rap, riddles, ballads, free verse and sonnet. Voice is an art when intentional seductiveness and playing verbal physiological mind games through come into play. Being able to stay calm and composed, thinking about the person or people your confronting, and saying things that stump that person or persons, which leaves them defenseless and open to strike requires skill, tact, creativity and imagination (quickly thinking about future events and scenarios that could play out).

Art takes many forms and people throughout history have helped to show how speech is no exception. Speech can be manipulated, controlled, given hidden meanings, phrase ideas and concepts and they travel through time, helping to mark memorable individuals. It is truly an amazing form of art.

The art of language and voice

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