Living in an uncoded world

The video “What Most Schools Don’t Teach” was really interesting to me in many aspects. It’s interesting to me mainly because everything they’re talking about makes absolutely no sense to me!

These people like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Chris Bosh, etc. who are known for their ability to make these amazing technologies and social websites are telling me “you can do this,” and that’s amazing. It’s hard enough for me to maneuver my blogspot layout, let alone code an entire website!

What struck me the most, though, was how I never even got the opportunity to learn, or try to learn, how to code websites or create them. I’ve been in school for about 16 years and not once have I even heard of a class that offered students the ability to learn how to create these types of media.

About two minutes into the video, one of the women points out that “computers are everywhere. Do you want to work in agriculture, do you want to work in entertainment? Do you want to work in manufacturing? It’s just all over.” That was eye opening, that all these jobs that no one would have thought required these skills does! And as an aspiring author, it’s probably important for me to learn how to code my own website or handle my own social media properly.


I think it’s important for us to note how unavailable this knowledge is to students these days. For something that surrounds us fully and engulfs our lives as much as technology and social media, why aren’t we given the opportunity to learn how it works and how to create it? It seems a bit odd to me. It’s like giving scientists chemicals and experiments and physics stuff (clearly, I’m not a scientist) but not teaching them how to do math.

It was even stated in the video that it’s not rocket science, you don’t have to be a genius to do this stuff, it’s as simple as reading, or learning how to read.

Maybe it’s time that we millennials learn where our social media comes from, how it’s made, and how to use it to our advantage.

Living in an uncoded world

One thought on “Living in an uncoded world

  1. carolinasouza says:

    I fully agree with you. We have entered an age of technology, and it’s important we begin taking control of it. Learning technology now is just as important as learning to read was at the dawn of literacy. Both reading and technology have revolutionized our world, and the quicker we catch on & participate in human advancements, the faster we will progress. As literacy initially developed, only the most elite participated, since many assumed it was too difficult for common people to attempt. Now, we teach reading and writing to children five years and younger with no problem. Just because something is new, we tend to fear it and backdown rather than indulge and attempt to use it to our benefit.

    Technology is still relevantly new, and coding scares people a lot more than it should. If everyone at least attempted to participate in coding, we would adapt and technologically progress so much quicker. Technology has so much to offer, but only if we advance and use it to it’s fullest capabilities.


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