“Enamórate” Music Video

The song played throughout the video is the English version of “Enamórate” by DVicio and it’s about falling in love over and over again. The band DVicio is a Spanish pop group founded in January 2013. The narrator of the song explains how he lost his love and he questions how they fell apart. He says he that he could fall in love with her again and how he waits for the day to start their relationship again. Essentially, the clips are what he’s remembering: the love that he is willing to fight for again.

I chose to use clips from romantic comedy films because they follow a pattern of falling in love again despite the conflicts that arise. During the opening verse, I used clips where the two love interests are talking to each other within the first stage of their relationship. While some movies begin with the love interests disliking each other like Clueless (1995), most start with the two people instantly hitting it off. They indulge in the honeymoon period where everything seems perfect and nothing could go wrong. This period of time where everything is bliss and you don’t know the horrors of the other person is what the narrator misses. The lyrics “It was so beautiful, you were so beautiful next to me. I wouldn’t have changed a thing about our love” are memories that are depicted by a character admiring the other in the clips. Some of the clips, like the one I chose from 500 Days of Summer (2009), accurately captures this feeling of complete bliss when you’re with the one you love. Tom and Summer are pretending to be husband and wife in their “home”, made up of the different room displays in IKEA. They get so into the role-play and being with each other that they forget that they are in a store until they notice the Asian family watching them. Forgetting where you are and what you’re doing is exactly what the narrator of the song wants to get back to. He craves that time where nothing mattered except their love, and everything seemed so perfect that he wouldn’t change a thing.

For the chorus of the song, I chose clips that showed love in a private, intimate way like kissing or dancing. During the “Enamóra-“ part, I inserted a clip of the sparks that happen between two people holding hands depicted in Playing it Cool (2014) because that spark is what you want to initiate falling in love again. In the English version, the chorus is kept in Spanish and the line “Enamórate, te, te otra vez” translates into “Fall in love, you, you again”. The physical sensations that are associated with love, such as kissing, dancing, and sex, are what we identify most with when we remember being in love. The conversations and spending time together (as we saw in the clips during the first verse) are equally as important and missed, but the intimacy in the physical things is also what the narrator craves. Another part of the chorus translates into “touch with your fingers, the sea water, your body with my body”. The intimacy that’s achieved with the physical activities adds a layer of affection to the relationship and we can see that the narrator wants a second chance at the intimacy he once had.

The second verse has clips that show the part of the relationship where everything went wrong. Somehow a huge disagreement occurs and the couples break out into arguments and fights. Sometimes it leads to saying goodbye forever and as the narrator questions, “How did we fall apart?” it makes you wonder what decision or step led to all the fighting and eventually the separation of the couple.

But when the song gets back the chorus, I chose to repeat the same clips as if the narrator is remembering what it’s like to be in love one more time before he finally takes action, which is the bridge. For the bridge, I chose clips of one character running to embrace or kiss the other and clips of the two in the rain. Usually clips of running or rain mean that one person seeks redemption and forgiveness. And in the case of all these films, the characters make up and are together again. The clips I chose for the last chorus are not the ones I used before, but instead they are clips from the final scenes of the movie where the conflict has resolved and the movie ends with a kiss between the two characters that have fallen in love again. This part of the relationship is what the narrator is actively striving for so he can be in love with his significant other again.

It was very fun to make this music video montage for this song. The English version is not a direct translation of the song, so you can find what the words literally mean here. To listen to the song in its original Spanish, click here. Hope you enjoyed the song and my video!

“Enamórate” Music Video

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