The Good Vibe Tribe Music video mash up!

This music video is brought to you by The Good Vibe Tribe. A reggae fusion band that has an interesting set of characters who each bring their own personal flavor to the music. Jose Camacho is a guitarist with a Latino influence lets not forget he also is the vocalist and main songwriter of the Good Vibe Tribe. Chris the drummer has a heavy American influence bringing rock as his main focus into the mix but also able to create a steady reggae sound. Bobby the other guitarist also brings a rock, and country rock feels to the bands sound he also is another vocalist. Then the last piece of the puzzle the newest edition to the band is Izzy Mir-Merced. He plays the congas and brings another Latino flavor to the reggae.

This music video is sort of a mash up of jam sessions. Each song has their own meaning and message about the band and life. The first section of the video is a heavy metal set to warm up the band. This shows that the band has diversity in the styles that they play. The Good Vibe Tribe is able to play in any type of setting and for any type of crowd. This in turn could give the band more popularity among tons of people who listen to different types of music, and give them more fans. The second clip of the band is where the Reggae begins. Here the band sets the mood letting viewers and listeners know that it is time to relax and let the sounds of reggae take you to a state of peace and tranquility.

The third clip is a band original song it is about appreciating the fact that we are human. It tells us to be strong and face your fears but to also understand that we all fear something. If you listen to the lyrics it tells a story of a man who is scared to tell a woman that he loves her. There is a part where he is crying and another person asks the man why he is stressed and worried? The person also tells him to not be afraid and go tell her how he feels about the woman. However the man responds by saying “it’s because I’m human.” The song is telling us not stress or feel worried about the things that bother us but be confident in yourself and share to the world how you feel. But the song is also telling us that you will feel these emotions and they can hold you back because we are human.

The fourth clip shows a woman named Adrianna who is singing a song of her own called Fly away. With her amazing singing skills she portrays an idea of being free and not being tied down to the norms of society. She also singings the song in a way that makes you feel free. Her pitches are High and tones are fluffy giving you the sense of ease. There is one part of the song where she says, “if I was a bird I would fly.” Yes this is obvious of course if you were a bird you would fly. However there is a deeper meaning. What she means by this is if she were bird she would fly to be free, to travel, and experience a new world that is not the United States.

The last clip of the music video is just live action of the band having fun and jamming. The band is open minded with each other, and members of the Good Vibe Tribe are confident in them selves and their music ability. They also have confidence in their fellow band members to let loose on their instruments and express emotions through sounds. This band is not afraid to be themselves in front of a camera but especially on stage. The sound is unique and so are the members and that’s why their music is so appealing. They are not following the poplar Hip Hop route of today’s common artist. They also are not following the electronic music scene. They are combining all types of music under one popular genera of music (which is reggae) and making it attractive to everyone and not just one group of specific people.


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