Radios in the Past, Time for Podcasts

In Adam Ragusea’s “Three ways podcasts and radio actually aren’t quite the same”, the commonly unknown differences between podcasts and radio. In a way, podcasts are to radios as blogging is to news. A podcast is the informal source of music and media in comparison to broadcasted news. Each podcast is more focused toward a specific audience, produced independently, and offers a larger dynamic of options to listen in to. Radios are of easier access, but podcasts are the progressed version of radio stations.

While radio stations are censored and limited for the entire public to enjoy, podcasts offer a more specialized approach. They do not need to limit their thoughts to what would please and be appropriate for the entire public. Podcasters can upload freely, leaving an endless variety of podcasts to search and choose from; listeners can find a podcast on anything they desire with the technology of today. Podcasters can tag keywords and ideas for listeners to search and enjoy, making such a vast array of podcasts easier to sift through. With so many podcasts offered to the public, each listener is likely to find exactly what they prefer to listen to, and if the listener has nothing particular in mind, they can easily explore through endless podcasts to find and try something new. In the end, podcasts offer the public a more personalized taste to radio and offers more podcasts to choose from for the audience. Beyond that, with podcasts being so easy to produce and upload, nearly anyone can create their podcasts entirely alone. This lets creators make their podcasts entirely how they intend to, with no bias or influences changing their work and ideas to mean something else. Podcast creators are able to connect more personally with their listeners, and portray their exact emotions and thoughts with little to no censorship.



Radios in the Past, Time for Podcasts

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