Podcasts vs. Public Radio

Podcasts and public radio are the two things I listen to most while I’m in the car.  I commute to school and visit my boyfriend in Virginia at least twice a month so I definitely get in my fair share of listening.  There’s just something about listening to NPR or different podcasts that helps my drive go by much quicker than if I were listening to music.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love music, but there’s just something about becoming hooked on a segment or podcast episode that makes my drives so much better.  I love being able to stay informed about different things going on in the world around me!  When I listen to radio shows I tend to listen to NPR segments, which I definitely prefer over obnoxious screaming “radio shows” you find on an FM music station.


I agree with the author of “Three ways podcasts and radio aren’t the same” when he says that podcasts do not have the same time restrictions that radio segments have.  This is definitely something that is beneficial for podcasters because they can talk about a topic for as long as they want without getting interrupted and it is beneficial to listeners because they are able to become engaged in the topic being discussed.  However, I also think that time restraints for radio segments can be a good thing, especially when a listener wants to get news fast or wants to listen to a segment on their 20 minute commute without having to miss the ending.

I think podcasts and public radio are similar in many ways but different in others.  It’s not a debate whether which one is better because it is really up to the listener to decide what they want to hear.

Podcasts vs. Public Radio

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