I Still Love Radio Shows

If you asked me what was the difference between a podcast and a radio show about six weeks ago, I probably would have said “what even is a podcast.” If you asked me to choose between the two I would totally be pro-radio shows but throughout our creative writing course, the class has broadened my horizon of what is out there to listen to. I understand the fundamental differences between the two but yet I still lean towards radio shows. If you asked me what I listen to I would never say a podcast. To me it is way to scripted, I like the spontaneous, humor of a radio shows. I feel that podcasts can drag on sometimes. A podcast, all though, can have its good aspects, just bore me. I can’t listen to a pod cast for an hour straight and stay interested. I almost always zone out half way through when listening to a pod cast even if it is on a topic I am interested in. I’m not sure what it is about them that make me lose focus.

When listening to a radio show, like Elvis Duran and the Morning Show (my all time fav), it’s full of laughter and entertainmentelvis duran
. I never find myself bored. In high school I drove my self to school everyday and I would always listen to this radio show. It just put me in such a good mood because at 7 AM in the morning I was already laughing and ready for my day.Yes, there are a bunch of commercials which are very annoying and sometimes they repeat themselves to recap for listeners that are just tuning in but over all I enjoy myself more listening to a radio show.

My best friends father is a technology enthusiast and has to have the latest and greatest inventions so he listens to a technology podcast and he is always so enthralled by them. ( His favorite is http://www.thetalkingmachines.com). I could not fathom sitting and listening to a technology pod cast but that is also because it is not my cup of tea. In the morning, i prefer to listen to a radio show than listen to a podcast. To me, I am easily entertained by the stupid gossip of daily celebrity life and the current news of the day talked about on radio shows.

Maybe if I found something I was passionate about to listen to I would find a great podcast to subscribe to and enjoy on the regular but I don’t have the desire to. Not sure why that is. In class we have listened to multiple podcasts and most have been very entertaining but I still can not see myself going out of my way to listen to them. I guess I just don’t have the motivation to go searching through the thousands of podcasts out there to fine the one I really like.

I read in the comment section on the article “Three ways Podcasts and Radio Shows Aren’t Actually the Same” and someone compared podcasts and radio shows to live theater and movies and I totally agree with that analogy. Radio shows would be live theater and a podcast would be considered the movie. Although theater is scripted it is more animated and free formed than a movie would be. In theater there can be improvisation while as in a movie, once the movie is filmed whats done is done.

Overall I wouldn’t say I hated podcasts I just don’t know much about them, and until I explore them further, I am still still pro- radio shows.on the ar

I Still Love Radio Shows

3 thoughts on “I Still Love Radio Shows

  1. I have to totally agree with you. I also used to listen to the radio every morning on my way to school and it was always a great start to my day. I discussed in my post the advantages that radio has over podcasts, which is that radio broadcasts are live. I loved listening to my favorite segments at the same time every morning and listening to other listeners call in to make comments, song requests, or try to win contests. These are all things that don’t really occur in podcasts.

    I also didn’t know that podcasts were a thing at all before this class. I’d listened to a couple of the Rick Steves’ travel podcasts and guided tour podcasts while I was on a trip because my dad forced me to but I didn’t associate them with being podcasts at the time. In retrospect, it was actually very useful. It was a free app on my phone that I downloaded and on it was a map of London, which was where I was. I could see where I was on the map and then there were little bubbles to show where landmarks or buildings were that had podcasts recorded about them. I would walk over to the landmark and click the bubble and I would listen to a three or four minute podcast describing the monument. It gave a lot more meaning to everything I saw.

    This goes along with the idea of podcast listeners having more control over what they listen to that both you and the author of the article touched on. The podcast was so helpful to me because of the context in which I listened to it. I chose to click on it and listen to it at that particular time. Simply turning on the radio wouldn’t have given a similar experience at all. Podcasts are advantageous over radio broadcasts because everyone who listens to a podcast clicks on that podcast and wants to listen to it. Just like your friends’ dad who listens to technology podcasts. That discussion does better on a podcast than it would on the radio because its’ audience through the podcast format are interested in the topic, hence why they clicked on it in the first place. If that were on the radio while you were in the car, you would probably change the station.

    I also have the same sentiment you do regarding podcasts and how you still don’t really have an interest. I simply prefer television and movies and music for leisure entertainment. Even radio, I really only listen to in the car. When I’m anywhere else, I just listen to playlists. I just don’t have the attention span to listen to a podcast for that long that’s not attached to any visual. That being said, the travel podcasts are different because they are attached to an image somewhat. I think for me, I’m only interested in listening to podcasts if they serve a purpose that I can’t get from preferred forms of entertainment.


  2. Joon Lee says:

    I appreciate your enthusiasm for radio shows, but that doesn’t mean I necessarily agree with it. From my experience, radio talk shows, especially those taking place in the morning, are boring and sometimes vapid. Not saying that people who listen to talk radio are stupid or anything like that, but I honestly can’t recall the last time I was listening to a morning radio broadcast and thought to myself “Wow! This person said something really insightful that made me think about this issue in a way I never have before!!!”. Of course, no one is exactly listening to radio necessarily for philosophical enlightenment, but I just think it would be nice if something of substance were talked about in these radio shows, if not substantive opinions and discourse on mundane issues.
    For my life, I see traditional talk radio is something to have in the background of a more complex setting or situation. If I have some friends over my place or if I’m doing some day-to-say work, I could see radio as something I could have in the background to spice things up a little bit (and I mean a little bit). Even this one seemingly positive virtue, to me, is in some ways a bad thing. When people are talking, you want to listen to what they’re saying, right? You want to process what is being said, formulate thoughts on your own, and question yourself on what is being talked about. Having dialogue and conversation as white noise is odd, now that I think about it. This just goes to show how uninteresting I find radio talk shows.
    To me, podcasts are great because you can be enlightened on various issues that aren’t forced to appeal to a larger group of people, making them a lot more personal and intimate. Also, the format and delivery is usually more accessible, since I don’t need to “tune in” to a podcast.
    Even though I just did a character assassination of radio, please don’t be discouraged by my opinion. If you love listening to radio, then do it! Just make sure I’m not around when you are.


  3. allisonpalmer says:

    I agree with what you have to say. I like listening to radio shows much more than podcasts, to me they are more dynamic, more interactive. With a radio show, you can receive more immediate feedback from listeners and listeners can see the change that they want quicker than the podcast.

    With a podcast, once it is recorded in a room, that is it. There is editing, and then it is put online at a scheduled time. Nothing is changing between recording and releasing, despite changes in the world happening in this time. These can come off as out of date and relaying old information. Radio shows however, you can hear from listeners immediately, and the information shared between the hosts and the listeners is up to date and accurate, as most of the time, they are live or filmed within a day of when they are scheduled to be aired. Listeners are able to give feedback to the hosts and see a change within the show, and with a podcast this is impossible. With up to a week in between podcasts, if you want something changed as a listener, you have to wait that long to see the change you want. It is hard to get into something if you don’t like something about it, and have to wait so long to see that aspect change. This allows radio shows to be more interactive and dynamic than podcasts.

    To me, radio shows are more interesting because they engage you, and pull you in. People don’t listen to podcasts to be put in a good mood. They listen to podcasts to be informed, but I’m not going to go out of my way to be depressed about what I’m listening to (unless the Mets are playing). I want to listen to something that will pump me up and make me happy, and often times, radio shows do a better job of this than podcasts.


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