Technology: Mankind’s New Fire

Typically, when a new innovation is created, rather than embracing and using the new technology, we tend to live in fear of it at first. Humans are very quick to assume anything out of the norm will harm us. We are so focused on this concept, in fact, that we lose sight on the benefits the innovation could provide. It’s important to be aware of the things that can harm us, but it is also important not to let these fears drive us into insanity.

It is in our nature to find errors when approached with a new development… or anything new, really. Our minds way of protecting us from potential harm is by finding potential causes for said harm, beforehand. tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640For example, the growing popularity of video games leaving parents worried what these games will expose their children to rather than embracing the benefits these games can provide. Yes, there are games that contain violence, nudity, profanity, etc., but not every video game does. Like most forms of entertainment, there are ratings to deem what is appropriate for who. Parents are willing to check if a movie is rated PG, but when it comes to gaming, they would rather abolish the whole idea altogether. They do not realize they are also taking away potential improvement to their child’s cognitive and perceptual skills.  Video games test a child’s abilities to make decisions, use their hand-eye coordination, act quickly, etc. all for an issue that can be fixed by simply looking into the video games one’s child is playing.


There is no such thing as “all good” or “all bad”; every person, place, thing, EVERYTHING consists of at least a little good and a little bad. With so many ways to approach each subject, there are always different views on how beneficial the subject can be. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are “good” to a hungry 6 year-old, but would be considered “bad” for his/her classmate with a peanut allergy. tumblr_mu6vs7jcku1sqjbnbo1_400Each individual is different in their own ways, meaning everything effects each individual differently. Ruling out something entirely takes away any chance of it being put to beneficial use. By taking away Wikipedia to prevent gullible students who easily accept false information, you take away an extensive and endlessly expanding source of information from the rest.

Humans natural urge to find disadvantages in every situation protect us from making potentially detrimental decisions. However, this “protection” also takes away any potential benefits if taken too far. By excluding something entirely rather than finding a balance between it’s good and bad qualities, we take away any chance of useful advantages occurring.

Technology: Mankind’s New Fire

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