What they Do not teach us in History class.


History is something that is important but is over looked by a lot of people. Some say “History is boring,” or “If I’m not in it why should I care.” When dealing with these sort of people the best response is. “You should care about the suffering, struggles, wars that were fought, people who were killed, and situations handled to make sure that you were even given the chance to be living today!”

imagesBut people take these things for granted even history takes these things for granted. Have you noticed in school that history only focuses on the postive side of american history and how it affected Americans? Not once can I recall being taught in public schools what the people of Iraq felt when our military invaded their country. Not once do I remember learning in public schools about why the middle east was in such bad shape, and why we even had to invade.

imgres Their are so many things that schools leave out of the history books to make it seem as if America is perfect. The place where we can chase our dreams and have equal rights. But not even in America do the people have equal rights and opportunity. Sure we spend some time on it high school learning about the civil rights movement,Dr. Martin luther king, and rosa parks. But what about Malcom X, what about the Black panthers these could have been touched on but never expanded on thier are leaving out so much leaving a huge population of this country not knowing half of what thier people had to go through. This not only goes for the African americans of this country but for all races. Asians and Latinos in my history classes did not even get mentioned.

images-1This is why college is so important this is where the american youth can take classes that help them learn of other histories. For example at rutgers students have the ability to take classes on african history that teaches them, and gives facts about how Africa had the first ever society’s on the planet. Their are classes on caribbean history that shows how their colonizers affected their society and still affecting them today. College is where we get away from the books. Professors use things like oral history to get away from the facts and show the emotion of people. That is what is more likely to catch the attention of people. The real story,the story with pain or love behind it will alway be more appealing and interesting then black letters typed on to a 400 page text book.images-2

What they Do not teach us in History class.

3 thoughts on “What they Do not teach us in History class.

  1. allisonpalmer says:

    You raise a lot of interesting points! I agree that the history we are taught is so one-sided. The more we as adults dig deeper and deeper into these events that shaped our lives, the more we realize how one-sided our views are. But in a way that’s what college is for (like you mentioned).

    We go to college to learn about a specific interest, but also to discover who we are as people and to create views and find interests outside of influences such as our parents or our friends. College is so important to our self discovery.

    All our lives, we make decisions based on what our parents teach us. Our political views and our moral views are reflections of the lessons taught inside our houses growing up. When we come to college, we are finally able to make decisions based on what we believe, with out those influences that shaped our childhoods.

    Also when we come to college, we are able to look at events that were taught to us as children. We look into the history that is taught to us in elementary school with a more well rounded view of things. That is why college (and revisiting our old lessons) is so important.

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  2. I totally agree that now American education has changed to seem like America is always the good guy and how it needs to change. I remember reading in a textbook that Africans “came” to America to “work” in a passage from a new textbook that my English teacher in high school showed us. We were appalled because it’s well known that people from Africa were forced here to be slaves, and the fact that children in schools now are being taught something else than the truth is awful. No matter how gruesome or terrible it makes Americans or American history seem, it needs to be taught to students. It needs to be taught so that 1) history never repeats itself and 2) we don’t let the memory of those who died on our soil to be forgotten. We cannot progress if we forget our mistakes, so it’s important we continue to teach the correct version of history in schools, especially elementary schools in order to impact students right off the bat.
    We tend to glorify America and justify it’s actions because it is (for the most of us) our home country. But we all still represent where our parents or grandparents come from, and how can we be culturally educated if we only praise America?
    I also believe that schools should make more world history mandatory because in order to understand America’s conflicts with foreign nations, we must understand their background too. By implementing more foreign based courses in schools (like college does, as you mentioned), we’ll raise a generation of future leaders that will know how to deal with foreign conflict better. And perhaps we are also connecting better with immigrants because we better understand where they come from.
    Overall, I thought your post was very interesting and I hope more people understand this concept and desire for a change in education.

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  3. Elena Carrasquillo says:

    I agree that in school, students are taught to learn Americas accomplishments in Wars and battles and such but it becomes tricky when each ethnicity in the United States has a different view point to this history. That is why oral history is so important.

    For instances, like you mentioned the Civil Rights Movement, whites might recollect this occasion completely different than an African American would or Hispanic or even an Asian would. It is important for students to learn the basis of the past but then go deeper and find out individual experiences of that time. There are so many different sides to the story that its impossible to say just this or that happened.

    With the way we are taught in school, like you have stated, students are meant to be taught that American is the greatest and America can prevail through any thing but you do not really find the truth until personal experience. The best way i ever learned was through stories. It made things more memorable and personal. All around just more interesting then reading a boring 400 page text book.

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