The mystery of Computer Science


Computers are everywhere and involved in our lives so much that we do not even realize it anymore. For Christ’s sake we all walk around with a mini computer in our pockets these days. If your one of those people saying “No thats not computer its a phone!” Well a computer is defined in the dictionary as a “electronic device that is made to accept data preform mathematical and prescribed logical operations, and be able to display the results at a high speed.”So if you ask me a smart phone definitely is capable of fitting that description.

Have you ever asked yourself where does all this technology come from? Or who and how is it developed? Well if we look at the history the first computer was developed in 1946 called the ENIAC. This computer was very differnt from the ones we use today it was aimages-1mainframe that was made to save data and solve large numerical problems. It wasnt until 1977 that the first home computer was made by Apple and was called the TRS-80. This changed the game entirely type writers became obsolete due to computer programs like Microsoft word. They kept updating computer and soon after came in the internet in the 1980s. Computers continued to develop and change becoming more and more involved in everyones life. They changed how companies hire people, how kids learn and, how people communicate. But the one question that I have is how do computers do all these amazing things?

We all use computers but most of us have no idea how they work. what makes them browse the web, or how do they save tons of school work? We should know more about
these things because the less we know the more the computer devlopors will be able to control what they make and sell to us. They could be selling us the worst product ever but because of good and advertisment and consumer appeal we will buy it. Its like buying yourimages first car you are so excited to finally have one that you are buying for looks and how you feel in it. Not preformence the salesman at the dealer is a trained buisness person they can take full advantage of you and sell you a peice of crap for a lot more money then they should have.

Before I wrote this blog post I read Jaynes blog who is one of my classmates and she made a great point that in high school their was not enough classes on computer science. She explained that the school system is more focused on making students pass tests instead of teaching them skills that can help in their future. From my time in High School I cant recall any computer science classes. It was not until I came to rutgers that I found a computer science class and for the record it was hard. I  withdrew from the class by the time we took the midterm.  the concepts were just not making sense to me. Granted the class could have been taught better but thats another blog post. The class was a  requirement for the School of arts and Sciences. The class description made it seem as if  the class was going to teach us basic things like programing and making computer applications. My world was turned upside down when the class became another math course. However I am upset I could not learn the material. Maybe one day I will be able to take an easier course that focus on things that interest more, and possibly build my own computer buts thats a dream that seems out of reach at the moment.

The mystery of Computer Science

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