From Coed to Code to the Future

Coding has progressed substantially in the past few decades; the momentum it has gained has taken attention away from other subjects, but it is only because mankind has a natural inclination to further discover the unknown. At this time, coding is commonly unknown by most, making it a topic of interest in our generation. Even those who have learned the skill have a strong interest in coding, for it is still underdeveloped with a lot of potential. When writing was first discovered, most students attending a higher education mainly focused on writing because it was underdeveloped.


On top of assisting in the development of a new innovation, one would also reap the benefits of becoming a trailblazers. Those who create the initial breakthroughs in developing ideas are typically the most remembered. Furthermore, those who innovate a new skill usually live a comfortable lifestyle; they are paid more than average because they tread territory the average person does not tread: the unknown.This may sound like you have no range to enjoy the other subjects you enjoy, but any skill can be incorporated into a certain field of interest, coding especially. With the advancement of technology progressing at such a rapid rate, technology is nearly everywhere. Everyone needs new softwares to run their technology smoother; someone has to program it, leaving one bound to find a career regarding their interest while coding.

If taught more often, coding has the potential to become as common as reading and writing. By creating and expanding on reading and writing, we allowed ourselves to record history and different forms of information, giving us control of our knowledge. We have created coding, and by expanding on it, we will be able innovate and control technology in ways not yet thought of.

Coding is a large focus of mankind in recent generations because we are attempting to further develop the skill until it is well known and common. Those who assist in this development, they will have a lot to benefit – from money, to recognition, to praise. If persistent, mankind can use coding that can help us further in our everyday lives, hopefully with a less intrusive approach. If taken serious when in school, coding classes can help students help themselves and future generations.

From Coed to Code to the Future

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