Why Schools Don’t Teach What They Don’t Teach

It’s impossible to ignore the overwhelming effect that technology has had on the world around us. That’s why it is called the digital age.  The video “What Schools Don’t Teach” stresses the importance of computer programming and the usefulness of knowing how to do so. One woman in the video stresses the necessity of programming throughout many different careers citing some even as far fetched as agriculture. While the impact of coding and computer programming on our world and many different kinds of careers is undeniable, there is a very possible reason for why students may not be taught how to code.

Executives in the video, like Mark Zuckerberg, discuss the lack of qualified engineers available to work for companies like his. The title of the video insinuates slight criticism of schools for not teaching computer programming. Schools looking to extend or begin their computer engineering program are likely facing the same issue that Zuckerberg and others alike are facing: there aren’t enough educated people in the field of computer programming. However, schools face this problem mores than any programming company ever could. Most people studying computer engineering aren’t also studying education or how to teach. The executive of the company “Valve” discusses how they deck out their offices to the fullest extent are and how they do so to attract any qualified programmers. How are public schools supposed to compete with fancy offices? How are public school teacher salaries supposed to compete with the salaries given to employees by multi million dollar companies?

Computer engineering is not an easy field to obtain a degree in. School systems already face a shortage o teachers in scientific and mathematical fields because most people willing to endure four years of such hard classes are looking to make more money than a teacher does. People who are currently trained to teach don’t likely have much experience in computer programming (most of the teacher’s in my high school could barely get their projectors to work). So we rely on new teachers coming in to teach computer programming. With huge companies like Facebook offering free laundry services, high salaries, and three meals a day, there’s very little possibility that a person with a degree in computer science would pass up the opportunities that these companies are offering to teach.

While there is a necessity to teach computer programming and science to younger generations, its understandable why the schools have trouble doing so.


Why Schools Don’t Teach What They Don’t Teach

2 thoughts on “Why Schools Don’t Teach What They Don’t Teach

  1. This is a problem that has many layers to it, some of which I might not be aware of due to my limited knowledge of Socio-Economics, however, I am willing to take a crack at why schools don’t teach computer sciences. I am not sure where the data is on this fact, the percentage of schools that teach Comp Sci, but, allegedly, public schools are not offering opportunities to younger students as much as the industry would like. Could this be from schools not having the teachers qualified to teach it? Is it a lack of funding for the programs, whether it be for the software needed or the hardware? Could it just be from the lack of interest from administrative figures for whatever reason? I am not sure why, but I will probably elaborate in these points in my own post.


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