Why I Never Got to Learn How to Code

What is coding? Is it a language? A skill? Coding can be considered both. By learning coding, it can open so many doors for adults looking for jobs because nearly “1 million of the best jobs go unfilled” according to code.org. So if there are so many job openings for talented programmers then why don’t they teach it in school? Is it because schools do not have enough resources or is this skill just forgotten about or is it because we do not have enough skilled programmers to be able to teach classes. Many of the most famous programmers taught themselves how to code by reading books and looking up ways to code on the internet. Now, by self teaching themselves they are million and billionaires by creating programs we use in our daily lives like Facebook created by Mark Zuckerberg or Windows by Bill Gates, or even Steve Jobs who co-founded Apple Inc. Coding has helped create some of the words best programs and technology, so then why don’t we learn it in school?

I remember I used to watch movies or tv shows (live Revenge) where there was a main character who had a side kick. The side kick is a hacker who can code and break through any persons computer and get any information they want by just tying letters and numbers into their screen. I alwnolanays thought it was so cool that by putting letters and numbers onto a screen, in a certain way that it could make a computer do something entirely different then it’s basic model is supposed to. I always wondered what it would be like to be able to code, but I always thought it would be too hard because I’m not good at math, but code.org’s video on coding made me realize you only need simple skills of math that you probably learned in third grade, to be able to code. So why did I never learn how to code if I always thought it was interesting? Because my high school never offered a class. My school was a large with a wide variety of programs. They had academies for medical sciences, digital communication (media), and even a law program but nothing for computers. In high school, we were required to take a computer class but not one of those classes offered any type of coding lesson. Although my high school didn’t have a coding class, they did offer a coding club but anyone who joined was considered weird or nerdy. In reality, those kids were probably the most talented students in my high school. In their club they learned how to code then started creating apps and programs for my highschool. For all I know one of those coding club kids is on their way to being the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. Personally, I’ve never considered learning to code but after watching code.org’s video it seems like something I should invest my time into because maybe if i try it i’ll love it.

Here is a basic 101 video on how to code!

Or check out Code.org to teach yourself how to code!

Why I Never Got to Learn How to Code

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