I found it quite interesting that the article said that technology is receding when new technological advances are being made every day. That does not mean I’m saying that the new apple iPhone or smart watch are the new technological advances that i mean to say will be the great ones to change the world, however there are great technological advances in medicine every day. There are also great advances in technology having to do with science and war technology oversees everyday. I highly disagree with the statement that technology is receding in advancement. I do believe that it is more about people nowadays as the article mentioned though. I do agree that people have a great deal of influence on technology and how it is used and mitigated. We have the ability to use technology for good or for bad and some people use it the wrong way. Some people use it for medicine and to advance the world whereas some others use it to do hideous acts such as post things like child pornography. But we cannot choose how people use technology, we can only choose how we view and use technology and how we choose to advance it. The video we watched in class about the bloggers showed me that. We have the power to have a positive impact on the internet and on technology simply by blogging. In that way people can impact technology in a good way.


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