A plagiarism

We often haven’t noticed that things throughout history and literature have been used over and over again. But have they always been cited or given the credit they deserve? Did they knowingly use other’s work or was it just common thinking and a simple misunderstanding? Either way is it plagiarism. Do we stifle the creative voice simply because it sounds alike? After all it has often been said that great minds do think alike. It does not make sense to me to push back on creativity this way but then again in my entire college career all i have ever been told is how to cite properly and not to forget to cite your sources. We have always been told that the worst thing you can do is plagiarize and take credit for someone else’s work. Which is completely understandable, however, what if your thoughts are the same but they just said it first. Is that fair? And does that even matter? Because the fact that they could put their words to paper first negates your creative voice in this society apparently.

A plagiarism

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