Blogging: News by the People for the People

Blogging has slowly but surely become a common source for knowledge in our day and age, and many wonder, “for what reason?”; with sources such as television news, newspapers, and books, why turn to the internet for information? Blogs add a more human aspect to news. It may not be as accurate at times, but blogs connect to the people better because it is made BY the people.

Before blogging, if an event of importance happened, one would have to wait at least a day for the full story, details, and personal opinions to appear in a paper; now, we receive all of these sources almost instantaneously. This gives the public a raw view of the event and the emotions surrounding it. Writers can post their blog day of, right after, or even during the event with today’s technology. They can express the exact emotions and thoughts running through their minds in the moment. By knowing how an event truly impacted witnesses and others effected, the public can establish how they really feel toward the event and what they will actually want done afterward. Public action on different current issues can be more effective once the public knows how they truly prefer to take action.


What better way is there for the public to obtain information on current issues than from the public? With blogging, current issues and news are shared by regular people to regular people. With newspapers, current events were written by real people, real journalists, but for a biased company. Printed information typically always has to be paid for, leaving the companies paying for each article forcing an opinion in which will support future sales. Furthermore, most journalists and publicly-printed writers are censored, and have no say in the matter because they are paid to follow instruction. Bloggers have no one to answer to, making their writings more raw than other journalists. Although one blogger, or even many, are paid or convinced to favor an opinion in their writings, there will always be other blogs to establish the truth. Readers have such a large array of blogs to choose from, with the internet providing endless access for anyone to log on and blog as they please, that they can compare different readings endlessly. The internet is too vast for one sole prejudice to attempt to bribe the majority to favor their side.


Although blogs are more realistic, there is always the chance they are less accurate. Blogs do not need to be fact-checked, or go through a series of approvals. By blogs being created by any public opinion (no matter how senile or uneducated), there leaves a large chance for potential false information or grammatical errors; grammatical errors may not seem important, but they can misinterpret the reading and/or confuse readers. However, as said before, there are always other blogs to compare and fact-check beside.

Mankind should continue blogging, simply to provide the public with a more raw and realistic view on current issues. With former, more classic forms of information, writings can be filled with propaganda and biased views, unlike blogs which are written to the public by the public.Blogs do contain their downside, mostly that there is no fact-checking system, but it is just a small price to pay in comparison to all the benefits it provides to readers of our generation.


Blogging: News by the People for the People

One thought on “Blogging: News by the People for the People

  1. Elena Carrasquillo says:

    Blogging is such a raw form of writing because it promotes creativity and freedom. Like you stated in your post, blogs can tell a true story while news and media can twist stories. I think blogs are more personal and can be outlets for people. Other types of writing are censored and timid when it comes to a true story. Most stories try not to be unbiased but there is no such thing, with blogging you can choose any side you want because a blog can be as formal or personal as you want. That is what is so great about blogging.

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