Technology and the Direction it is Moving In

The movie “Her” depicts an image of our technological future in an entirely new perspective. Most assume innovations in technology will lead to a flashier, more brain dead future; “Her” suggests a future in where technology works in unison with people rather than interfering with their lives. As we move through an electronic revolution, we need to consider which direction we are moving in: a world full of glitzy, in-you
r-face computers or in a world of discrete yet omnipresent technology? Although most fear mankind will fall to the hand of technology, others still believe technology, if utilized properly, can enhance our everyday lives. Mankind typically accepts new creations too openly; the excitement of something new naturally drives our craving for it. With time, however, we always adjust and learn to use it to our advantage rather than allowing it to get the best of us.

With the internet and most technological innovations still being relatively new, we are now in the phase of total infatuation. In this day and age, most are completely distracted by the screens surrounding and captivating them. One looks to all their electronics for entertainment, companionship, record keeping and assistance in everyday tasks. tumblr_maf563rnxo1qc4uvwo1_500With cameras, notepads, recorders, etc. at the palm of our hands, it has never been easier to keep track of pretty much anything worth keeping track of. Paired with the never-ending circuit of knowledge that is the internet, smartphones and computers being within such close proximity at all times ameliorates human life. However, with limitless knowledge comes limitless distractions. With limitless music, movies, games, and all other forms of entertainment found simply by clicking online, some find it difficult to concentrate on priorities. Even if one were to steer clear of entertaining media, one can still be captivated by social media. The natural craving for companionship drives us to these medias, in hopes of connecting with another. It also does not help that social medias beckons for the attention of their users; users are notified for each form of electronic attention given to them by others. With assistance and entertainment surrounding our lives, it has become nearly impossible to concentrate on anything else with no will power.
Luckily, will power exists, and moderation is always established in mankind. We have already acquired a taste for discretion in our technology, inventing new hands-free technologies, we are finally attempting to find out-of-sight ways to get things done with the help of our electronics. Take the very popular phone feature “Siri” into consideration; with programs like this we have begun introducing a world of command-and-receive technology rather than technology that requires constant attention. The fact that a movie such as “Her” has come out shows mankind has already begun considering the concept of the world of technology simply taking and doing orders simply by the sound of our voice. Even at a glance in fashion and home design can show the simplistic but improved direction we are headed. Take a glance at Kanye West’s fashion line, or interior designs of today; style has gone from extravagant to simplistic with time, as will technology.17-yeezy-w529-h352

Technology has headed in an obnoxious direction since the beginning, and we are now living in the peak of it. However, with time, we can learn to live with technology more efficiently. We are still learning the causes and effects technology has on us all, as we do with most things that largely impact mankind. We are moving toward a simpler, less ostentatious world of electronics, which hopefully will not interfere in our everyday lives.

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Technology and the Direction it is Moving In

One thought on “Technology and the Direction it is Moving In

  1. I really like the progression of your article and how it addressed the question of whether future technology will be “in your face” or omnipresent. You talked about how technology was attention demanding and now it’s developing into more “command and receive”. Being able to connect with the outside world demands a lot in return because (this happens with blogging as well) every time we post something, responses come back immediately. And we have to respond as soon as possible in order to stay relevant, or else the spotlight that was on us begins to fade. We spend so much our day looking into our screens that we forget to give our attention to the actual world. If you’re on any Rutgers bus, I can guarantee you that 90% of the people will be on their phones, whether texting/on social media or listening to music. When we adopt the technology seen in “Her”, we can simultaneously be in the online world and the real world. There is no chance that we become a society without technology, so we must learn how to adapt to it without ignoring the great big world old there. And perhaps it’s possible to achieve that balance through simpler technology that doesn’t interfere with our lives, like you said.

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