Why bother to blog?


While reading Andrew Sullivan’s essay “Why I blog” I came across two statements that were very thought provoking and thought needed some discussion. As Sullivan said, blogging has created the concept of daily journalism; a non stop publication of news, opinions, and sources. Blogging is revolutionary in sharing opinions and I think the following quotes encapsulate what blogging essentially needs to accomplish and answers the question “Why Blog?”:

“But a blog, unlike a diary, is instantly public. It transforms this most personal and retrospective of forms into a painfully public and immediate one.”

The fact that blog posts can be published within instants and is available for anyone to read brings back the raw material that readers crave for. Blog posts are initial reactions that show truth and aren’t influenced by second guessing or editors who are reading the piece before printing/publishing, like a professional company. There are only two entities involved in blogging: the reader and the author. So what the author writes is completely his or her own thoughts and it’s up to the reader to react as the first pair of eyes, other than the author’s, to look at the post. I believe this is what makes blogging so attractive because there isn’t much editing involved. It’s a simple “write and post” process and not much filtering is involved. The author can be truthful through their form, content, and opinion and readers can relate first-hand. It’s like eating cookies that came straight out the oven: fresh and better than the others that have been sitting outside. Blogs are new and fresh, and more relevant than a two-week old newspaper article.

“the key to understanding a blog is to realize that it’s a broadcast, not a publication. If it stops moving, it dies. If it stops paddling, it sinks.”

This is another important factor of a blog: it’s nonstop. If you want readers to stay attentive, then you must give your blog a lot of attention and constantly post. The entire world is online and at least one person is online, thus an author who is active is necessary. The blogging world is a never-ending process of post and react, so once the author stops posting, the blog stops stops generating traffic. Although it’s good to be constantly thinking and writing, it poses the question of “when do bloggers take a break?” Is blogging a job you can’t take a vacation from? Or do we just take it on our vacation with us? You can write about anything anywhere, but everyone needs a break sometime or we begin to overwork ourselves. Is there such a thing as posting too much as a blogger?

Perhaps that’s the joy in being a blogger–that you’re job never stops. As long as the world keeps turning, an author can write about anything. Even people who have retired in their professional lives can blog from their home to keep their minds working. I found a blog where two elderly women, Margaret and Helen, write to each other about things that interest them. They’ve been best friends for sixty years and you can check out their stories here.

With all of the ups and downs, twists and turns in life, a blog can be the one constant thing that never ends. Of course the content or opinions might change but as long as the Internet stays alive, anyone can be a blogger and they will never be forced to stop writing.


Why bother to blog?

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