Digital footprint

Blogging as a medium has allowed us all to create a digital footprint, one that differs from social medias like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Many social platforms have a heavy emphasis on capturing the moment through pictures and short captions, but these may not fully represent the multitude of things that happened/ were experienced. They create a focal point through which we can draw up memories of the past, but overtime those memories may get distorted and fade, resulting in incomplete conclusions drawn from a blurry past. Blogging differs in that it can capture the raw emotions felt at a certain period in time, without having to rack your brain to try and remember the small details. An example could be an event in your life where you took a picture in the jungles of Thailand surrounded by wildlife. In the picture you could be smiling and hugging an elephant, looking jolly and glad to be alive but on the inside you could be thinking: “Damn my feet hurt. This elephant smells like bad fish and body odor. Why did I decide to go on this trip?” It’s the same event, with two completely different representations. 50 years down the line if you look at just the picture you may think that it was such a fun experience, but really it was a terrible one. As Andrew Sullivan put it blogging is a liberating medium that “invokes the imperfection of thought, the inconsistency of human affairs, and the chastening of the passage of time.”


One of the great things about blogging is that it can serve so many different purposes. It can be an informative guide, or a news source, or even a diary that the world can read, and the readers aren’t being grabbed by the throat and forced to read any specific kind. Having the ability to write whatever you want and at the same time having an audience listening and responding to you is something that I think makes the idea of blogging so alluring. It gives you a position of power and influence that can make your ideas reach people from across the globe. Of course having a large  audience is something you have to work towards, but having just one person reading your blog could mean a world of a difference, and it can make you feel good inside.


Since blogging is a free and open way for ideas to be expressed, those ideas are subject to random (at times harsh) criticism. This criticism can be brutal as it is direct line of communication from the reader to the blogger. Before getting their feet wet, novices of the blogging world would need to be aware of the impact criticism can have on not only your blog but on your person. We are all aware of the hurtful comments haters and angry kids put out on the internet, but many of us see it at a distance, and aren’t the ones being attacked with the negativity. It’s one thing to watch a shackled beast from a distance, and another to be right in front it, unshackled and free.


Blogging represents the evolution of expression. 50 years ago in order for an idea or opinion to be heard, you would have to go through the proper channels, and the process could take weeks or even months. Now if you have a burning desire to get your idea or opinion out, all you have to do is take out your phone, create a blog on a website like Tumblr, write it and publish it. The process (including writing your idea/opinion) could take at minimum 3 min and at most a day. We live in an amazing time.

Digital footprint

One thought on “Digital footprint

  1. victoriarrobbins says:

    I’d like to start off by saying that you said it best with the statement, “Blogging represents the evolution of expression.” As you touched on, social media sources often limit one’s expression by showing one side of the story. I loved your observation of how one could post a picture and look extremely happy but could be experiencing the complete opposite of that emotion at that moment. I can personally agree with that. There were plenty of times when I was angry or annoyed, asked for a picture, then took it smiling from ear to ear. Looking back on a scenario like that, the chances of me remembering what was going on that day or remembering what affected my mood are very slim! Lets say I did decide to note how I was feeling, the most I could do was tweet, “I’m annoyed.” If I used blogging, I would’ve been able to share my complete experience of that moment, and even that day. So you’re right! Blogging allows you to capture the whole moment, and be able to relive your daily experiences when you look back on them. What’s even better is that, because blogging captures the whole moment, it is very possible for you and others to see your growth over time. I think that is amazing and is better than any other method previously practiced to documenting our experience. It is the new and improved way to express our thoughts and feelings and connecting us to one another through these posts.

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