Why do Bloggers Blog?

Blogging is like social media for writers. They can post things as they happen, when writing a book you have to write drafts revise send your work to an editor to check and critique you. With blogging it is instantly response with no remorse. The people who are reading your blog do not know who you are, or what your ideals are. They can be harsh, they can be sweet, they can be totally unrelated and post a comment to advertise a product. Blogging is a special type of writing that lets anyone share there ideas, and the beauty is that is does nit matter what the topic. Blogging is free its open to speak on any issue you can think of the latest music, politics, food, sports, alien encounters, whatever you can think if you can blog about.

But Why has blogging become such a big phenomenon? Personally i belive it has to do with technology. The advancement of computers, and the internet connecting people from around the world lets us communicate faster and more efficiently. In a blog by Andrew Sulliven “why I blog” he explained that on 9/11 he blogged the whole night with people around the country discussing the matter. in 2001 the internet was not any where as near developed as it is today. However it is amazing that even fifteen years ago blogging was connecting people in such a strong way. People where able to give their opinion and did not have to wait to hear it from the news anchor or the radio host. Blogging gives you your own voice, a form of speech that this country says is free.

As technology advances and people startimages to get more comfortable  reading off a screen I think that eventually blogs will take the spot of news papers. If we look at the facts the news paper industry has been suffering since 2012. Major printing presses have been laying off half or more of their entire staff due to the fact that no one is buying the news paper so there isn’t any money to pay the workers. Lets be honest the people who stay faithful to the news paper are people like our grand parents who can’t understand the difference between a mac and dell computer. But they’re not going to be around for ever and maybe a few of our parents read the news paper. But a lot of them are being taught by their children or jobs how to use technology because it’s faster more efficient and less costly than paper and pencil.

Blogging isn’t something that is new to us it has been around for a while now. It has grown with the technology and it will continue to keep growing. It started as websites where people came to let off some steam, give opinions, and share ideas.  Now people do so much more by making their blogs more interactive. Adding links and pictures to give their blog more substance and  catch their reader’s attention. Blogs are something more than opinions but a way connecting people, learning, and understanding that there are other humans besides writers who have a voice. Writing shouldn’t only be set to a certain percentage of “writers” who can share their opinion everyone should be entitled to their own ideas and be able to share and discuss what they feel. images-1




Why do Bloggers Blog?

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