Blogging Vs. Formal Writing

To blog is to free your mind. It’s an in-the-moment, free form of writing that many people have come to like. It is a style of writing that has become very populeditorial-guidelinesar over the years. Blogs can come in any style shape or form, ranging from topics in fashion, to food, to current events; it’s all in the now. To me, blogging is a form of expression. These online blogs allow us to let our presence be known in this tech savvy society. It is a way to write about your most recent feelings and ideas without having to analyze them and critique them the same way you would in a formal writing style. In formal writing, the writer has to constantly recheck their work for accuracy but in blogging it is okay to be wrong in the moment. With blogging it is okay to go back and change your mind about a topic you’re discussing.

When I was introduced to blogging this year, it was hard to grasp the style of writing.I was told my whole life while in
school that you have to write a certain way. But when I realized there was no style of writing, it could just be anything I wanted. I was so used to calculating my every move and forming my sentences in a perfect way so my professor would like them that I struggled in how I was to write my first blog post. I kept asking myself is this right, is
this wrong? In college, stuessay picdents are given a formula to writing; introduction, body paragraph then conclusion. In each paragraph there had to be a topic sentence, introduction to quote, then the quote, then the analysis and repeat. I was so used to the structure I didn’t know there was another way to write. Blogging gives people a way to write spontaneously and not worry about things like sentence structure, because unlike formal writing you can’t be wrong, because it can always be changed. When writing a formal paper, I was only writing to please someone else, but blogging I write for my own enjoyment.

Reading blogs give a person a whole different experience then when reading a lengthy paper. When reading a blog, you almost can feel the writers personality shining through their writing. The writer has a much deeper connection to the reader due to this style of writing because it is informal, it’s almost like the writer is talking about it to the reader directly. It’s a more connective way of writing. Formal writing such as research papers or analysis papers create a distance between the writers because the writer is stuck to a certain format of writing, it’s harder to connect to the reader in this way. Blogging on the other hand can help a person express their thoughts in a more free formed way that anyone can relate too. The best part about it is that it can be about anything a writer wants; whatever the writer is interested in. That is what makes it so great. It’s easier to write when you’re actually interested in your topic, it makes it more creative and interactive because the writer can put their own spin on things instead of being stuck to a single formulated writing style.

Blogging Vs. Formal Writing

2 thoughts on “Blogging Vs. Formal Writing

  1. I really agreed with your statement. It is a big adjustment to make from being forced into a certain style of writing from such an early age to having no restrictions or rules on how we are to write. Perhaps teachers and schools should ease up on the rules students are forced into following when they write. In the real world- not just in blogging- there is a less systematic approach to writing, so why do schools push an archaic outline onto it’s students. By doing this, it discourages students who can not easily grasp this concept and makes students dislike writing.

    This adjustment from formal, structured writing to free form, laid back, “everyday” writing is hard for a lot of students. Because we, from a young age, are used to having too much structure in our writings, it is a hard habit to break, especially when a grade is attached to this easy-going style of writing.


  2. I also agree with your claim of how blog writing is much more personal and “freeing” compared to formal writing. I think blogging is a good way to express feeling and opinions freely without any rules or restrictions of an assignment. After elementary school, students are discouraged from creative writing and we’re told to start writing according to a formula perfecting by a board of adults (and some aren’t even teachers) to prepare us for analysis essays. Lately, education has been moved from teaching for the sake of spreading knowledge to teaching to boost test scores. The SATs or state tests don’t ask for a creatively written story. They demand a formulaic essay that is hard to break from other than the ideas. But even then, if your idea is too out there, too vague , or has been done before, then you fail the assignment. Writing to just get some ideas or opinions out into the world should be encouraged in schools. It promotes brainstorming and will help students sift through all the ideas going on in their heads.
    After years of formal writing, I prefer the blogging format and perhaps if I was encouraged to write freely during high school (and now), maybe I would enjoy formal writing. Either way, the writer has to be interested in the topic, like you said. Whether creatively or formally, the topic should generate interest and once it does, the sentences should flow without the fear of rules or restrictions.


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