Benefits of Blogging

As a kid, practically everyone kept a diary. It was therapeutic to write about your day and your feelings and emotions and opinions, to basically spew onto a piece of paper any thought that crossed your mind. It’s human thought on paper in one of the rawest forms. Of course, in the same way that everything has evolved into something more technologically advanced as we delve deeper into the digital age, diaries have become outdated as well. One way by which people now therapeutically turn their thoughts and opinions through words is through blogging. While the article “why I blog” suggests that blogging is a form of recording information as it evolved from the logs kept on a ship, the writer’s description of why he blogged reminded me a lot of the same reasons I had for keeping a diary.

Writing in other published formats is much more formulaic and processed through middle men (editors). Blog posting comes directly from the author who can publish their own work by simply clicking a button. There’s no censorship, it’s a completely candid view of what is going in the writer’s mind about a particular topic. The author is open to reveal anything they may choose, just as in a diary but often with far less personal information.

Blogs not only allow their writers to express more of their on opinions free of editing or censorship from others, they also provide that for their readers. Readers of novels, newspapers, and other more formally published mediums are far less likely to ever have their opinions heard by anyone. They address a letter stating concerns or opinions to an editor or publishing company in th hopes that one day anyone will even open their letter much less actually read it and respond. Meanwhile, readers of a blog can scroll down to the comment section or write and express their own concerns, opinions, and thoughts. Just as the writer can express their thoughts with just a click of a button, the reader can do the same. Not just that, the reader can even comment on someone else’s comment. This starts debates and discussions about the text that the writer sometimes weighs in on. Blogging opens up a much larger discussion amongst everyone involved than formally edited published readings do, mainly because it is so much more accessible.

Overall, the personality that blogging allows the author to put into writing through its lack of censorship and the accessibility of communication that posting it on the internet allows makes for a much more interactive form of writing.


(Here’s a slightly inappropriate for school video of a famous vlogger commenting on comments thanks to the accessibility blogging offers to the creator and the readers, in this case viewers)

Benefits of Blogging

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