Making AI Human

Being alive in the 21st century is a real treat. We get to live out the fantasies of people from the 1800’s and 1900’s who dreamed of a time when people would be able to fly, a time when people could communicate with each other across the country without having a courier deliver a message on horse back, and a time when artificial intelligence has become an integral part of everyday society. We live in a future that was once thought of as absurd or even  impossible, but we have grown accustomed to this “future” technology and we are constantly pushing new and innovative ways in which the technology can evolve. This begs the question: How far will technology advance? Her creates an excellent example of the potential evolution of AI. A world where AI lives on not only as a tool for humanity but as a partner.


Human beings are ridiculously complex creatures. The idea of creating a machine that could act of its own will as a human being can is a beautiful yet daunting concept. The sheer scope of what constitutes a human being is so vast and mysterious that trying to compose a list of ingredients that make up a human, and then using those ingredients to cook up an artificial intelligence that behaves like a human may sound like a straightforward process, but it is anything but that. Humans are dynamic creatures who are limited by their brain, but at the same time limitless in their capabilities. We breathe emotion and passion and use our experiences and perceptions to shape our identities and this allows us to take on the title human. But how would this translate to AI? How can AI, a machine equip with virtually infinite knowledge and void of adrenaline, pain and pleasure replicate a human? Humans by nature have limits on what we should be able to do, but ironically being human also allows us to transcend these limits on rare occasions. Hysterical strength explains this idea. It is a display of extreme strength by humans that is beyond normal. These situations arise usually when people are in life and death situations. A well known example of this is the woman who lifted a car to save her child who was trapped under it. This may have been a unusual occurrence but it represents the unpredictability of human nature and it isn’t something that can simply be copied into a machine.

There are aspects of our bodies that science has yet to understand, and trying to copy something we don’t fully understand will result in something that isn’t truly human. It seems as though AI can approach, but never truly have the right to claim the title human. 

Making AI Human

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