Let Wiki Live!

Professor Davidson wrote an article discussing the influence of digital technologies and how it is nearly impossible to ignore them. In the article she is discussing the fact that Middlebury college’s history program has ban the use of the website Wikipedia. She then states that she was upset at the ban and Wikipedia should not be “deleted” but instead used as a learning tool.

She suggested using Wikipedia as an example of what you should and should not use when doing research on a topic. She also suggested that Professors make their students post right onto Wikipedia instead of the class Wiki to help the“learning community.” To be Honest the title of the article totally through me off when she began to talk about Wikipedia I was a bit lost. However after I read it I Personally agree with Professor Davidson. I have always felt that Wikipedia was a great source.

I can’t even count the times that I have gone on Wikipedia to look up a quick fact about a music artiest, or specific athlete. Even in high school and college I have used Wikipedia to look up the topic of whatever research I was doing for a paper, or homework. Most of the time all the material from the “credible” websites and Wikipedia match, only things like dates will be skewed. Professor Davidson did open my eyes though adding to the Wikipedia website as a learning tool could be a great class project.

The teacher could say find a topic that interest or find one that is related to the class topic and try to add as much information, or correct as much of it as you can. I believe that school is a place to learn why waste a tool that can teach just about everything a student needs to know?

          Wiki is also great for finding sources. On the bottom of every wiki page their is a tab that shows where all the content of the page comes from. a student can click on a link and then find many other links ultimately being able to create an amazing research. Wikipedia has been being treated harsh in all my years of school its time we give Wikipedia a another chance and let Wiki live!


Let Wiki Live!

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