Is there such thing as being original?

The ecstasy of influence by Jonathan Lethman is a blog published on That speaks on influence and gives amazing examples of how a lot

things in our lives are products of an adaptation of a previous work. In the blog he

describes tons of famous writes, directors, and authors who have copied works and

made something of their own. Muddy waters a famous blues musician made a song

called “country Blues” that was very similar to a song by Robert Johnson called

“walking Blues.” Jazz and Blues are types of music that have an open culture

allowing artist to mix and match existing rhythms to make a brand new song.

Not only did this apply to musicians but artiest like Walt Disney who got

inspiration from buster Keaton’s Steam boat Bill to make the first ever Mickey

Mouse movie called Steam boat Willie. Cartoons are a form of art that thrive off of

copyright. Shows like the Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park would never exist if

they did not copy right and add real life situations into their episodes. In the article

Lethman says that our problem as a society is that we consider culture a property

and make it things like being in a fraternity, or girl scouts a experience that makes

people gather to do well for others is something that has to be paid for. Which in my

eyes is not acceptable. Why pay an organization just so they can find business like a

soup kitchen to do community service hours. We can simply do research on the

computer and find the places and their times to come and help.

We try to put restrictions on copyright. However some of the best science

and art that humans have made comes from people being influenced, and copying

someone before them in the same field. For example comic books never change their

characters. Batman was created in 1939 and still to this day you can ask any young

kid and they will most likely know who is allies is, what the costume looks like, what

the Batmobile is, the back round story of Bruce Wayne and who the Joker and Robin

are. My point is that we don’t change the characters because we add and change the

art advance the drawings in the comics make the effects of the batman movies so

amazing that you will leave the theater actually believing that there is a batman

roaming the streets stopping crime. Lethman said it himself in the blog “copy right

promotes progress of science and useful art.” It is hard for someone to start

something when they don’t have an idea to start with.

Copyright is a huge trend in the United States pop culture our music our

fashion. Currently there is a big trend of ninety’s fashion in the pop culture scene

people are using overalls again. Music artiest are constantly taking samples from

other songs and putting a different rhythm to the song and adding their own lyrics

or using the old song to enhance the message they are trying to get across in the

new song. However I don’t want anyone to mistake what I’m saying by thinking we

should all be followers because having self-identity is very important. Starting a

trend is amazing but taking a trend and making it your own will give you the same


Is there such thing as being original?

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