HELP I love my computer.

Kyle Vanhermert wrote an interesting feed back to the movie “Her” back in

2014. He claims that the director of the Spike Jonze noticed just before releasing the

movie to the general public that the movie more focused on the relationships of

humans with each other instead of his initial intention which was the relationship

between human and technology. Ill have to admit I was a bit confused what exactly

the blog was talking about at first. As I read through it I realized it was a movie and

then realized I saw the trailers to the movie and never paid much mind to it, I didn’t

think I would be to interested. Anyhow after reading this blog I could see myself

watching the movie and being quite interested.

The movie is about the future and a man who falls in love with his operating

system. However the movie seems to take all your ides about the future and throw

them right into the garbage. At his job he still sits at desk with a computer screen,

and he still uses a smart phone. Jonze had a great idea to make all the technology

less interactive then it is today basically hands free. The computers don’t have

keyboards, lights in rooms turn on by walking by the sensor, and to access the

technology it is all voce activated through a small ear bud similar to a Bluetooth

headset. The director was trying to make the technology in the movie seem less

demanding then what we have today. In the movie the main character Theodore

Twombly (Joaquin Pheniox) seems to never be on his phone like we are. Matter of

fact his phone doesn’t even look like a smart phones but instead an elegant cigarette

case. His operating system Samantha voce acted by (scarlet Johansson) is with him

every step of the way. Giving him advice and comforting him when he needs it.

As the film progress you see that the operating system starts to adapt to the

user and is able to figure out what a person needs when they are sad, upset, and

happy by giving the user comfort or advice. Theodore who recently got out of a toxic

relationship begins to fall in love with his operating system in other words a voice.

This film could be giving us a peak into the future and showing us how technology is

going to become more and more human.

If you don’t believe that technology hasn’t already become more human then

take out your Siri app. Just notice you can change it from a female voice to male

voice, even give it a British accent, and change the language it speaks in. Apple has

even made it possible to ask certain things like “what does one plus one equal.” Siri

will respond with an answer and even give you attitude like a human. Right now I

feel like people are taking technology becoming more human as joke but this is a

serous matter and could one day hurt us.

If you have ever seen the animation movie wall-e. After the robot is taken off

the wasteland that was once earth he is shipped to enormous space station where

the remaining human population is. At first when the humans arrived robots on the

spaceship did every thing for them from brining them food to changing the channel

on the TV. This made the humans very lazy, and obese showing the viewer what can

happen if technology takes over our entire lives. I think “her” is probably a great film

even though I have not seen it and it must provide some great insight in how people

get lonely and need someone to talk to get out of a funk and if a talking operating

system is all you have you could possibly fall in love with it.

HELP I love my computer.

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