Distraction in the palm of your hands.

In this article written by Matt Ritchel he discusses the distractions that technology has on the younger generations. In the article he focuses on Vishal a senior in a California public school in 2010. Vishal’s parents explained that in his elementary schooling years Vishal was a kid who thrived in school but as he got older and technology advanced he seemed to get distracted with video editing. While his parents believe that technology is hurting his academics Vishual says that technology could possibly get him into a California arts school with his video media, and editing skills. Mr. Ritchel also interviewed the principal of Vishal School who is trying to implement more technology into the way his students learn. He spoke of a computer music class that he had installed a music-editing program called pro tools. Pro tools is the most famous editing software’s used by artiest around the world and he was able to fill the entire class. Because music is something that connects to lower income kids in California which is most of the student body at the high school. As a twenty one year old who uses Facebook, snap chat, instagram, and tumbler I believe that technology is very distracting. It can distract you from multiple things number one being school but also family, friends, work mostly everything you do. My generation has lost its sense of direction because every time we need to go to a party or friends house we always will look for the guidance in our GPS which is built into every smart phone no matter if it is a IPhone or Android. I also believe my generation has lost its ability to read paper not many of us read books or the newspaper. A lot of us will match rather go on YouTube or Netflix to watch TV.


Distraction in the palm of your hands.

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