Back To The Technology and its Advancements

Back to the Future

Many people have been concerned with technology and its “advancements” recently. When the day of October 21st, 2015 came, Back To The Future II was trending through social media. For anyone who has not watched Back To The Future II, it is a sequel and it is about Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown travel to October 21st, 2015. There, they witness the future technology that takes place, and it involves facial recognition, 3-d films, flying cars, hover boards, and self-lacing shoes. Now what is true today is that their is in fact facial recognition on phones and cameras, and there are 3-d films playing in almost every theater we have in the country. What is not true though, is that there is no hover boards, i do not count the “hoverboards” that kids have nowadays. hoverboards These “hoverboards” basically glide because they have 2 wheels on them so people can balance on them. I do believe though, that this is one step closer to a more advanced way of transportation. Flying cars and self lacing shoes have definitely not been invented yet, well not that I have seen in my own life. The technology now is not so bad, because we have started using technology as a person. For example, in the movie Her, there is a database that can sense your emotions and they try to help you cope with your problems. We don’t have that type of technology yet, but we have started with Siri. Siri is a gadget in iPhones that can help you find your nearest gas station or some 5 star rated restaurants, but their is no emotion. Even though our technology is not as advanced as the technology in the movie Back To The Future II had showed, but this is a good start. Technology can only go but up now and it is advancing everyday. For example, the xbox came out with Xbox Kinect. Its purpose was to use the sensor to sense the person in front of it, and use it to interact with the games more. One game that uses the Xbox Kinect efficiently is Just Dance. Just Dance is a game that is full of songs and when someone chooses a song, they have shadows of people dancing and the player is supposed to follow the shadows and dance a long. Whoever dances the most like the shadow dancer, gets the most points and wins. Now I remember games when it used to be just a nintendo and I would have to blow into the cartridge just to see if it would make a difference to help make it work. Now, games involve getting up and interacting, such as the Wii with mario party. The mini games sometimes involve using the remote as a rowing a rowboat, or slamming a hammer down. Games have evolved tremendously within the past decades. Along with the science for technology for the human body, other components of technology like phones and games are advancing as well. We should not be stuck on wanting to see a flying car or an actual hoverboard, when other types of technology have been advancing so well to be ignored.

Back To The Technology and its Advancements

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