The Life We Can Only Hope For


Click the link to watch a video of people falling due to them being distracted by their phones!

When Texting While Walking Goes Wrong

At this day in age people have a huge attachment to their technology. You can see people walking down the streets with their face glued to their phones or even texting when driving. There have been videos of people falling or crashing into someone like in the video above because of how attached they atechre to technology. I for one am guilty of this. My phone is like my baby. Although as sad as that sounds most people can relate to me. Smart phones and technological devices are created to make our lives easier yet they make our lives more difficult. We grow a dependency on our devices. For example, our phones are made to help us and make our lives more efficient, yet they disconnect us from whats really going on around us. Most teenagers even adults can’t have a real life conversation in person because they’d rather text a person then have a conversation face to face. The technology we own requires our full attention. While in the movie Her directed by Spike Jones technology is integrated in to life so seamlessly. This is the life we need. When watching movies that are placed in the future we see such complicated technology, yet “Her” shows us that our future is supposed to be simplistic. “Technology could fade into the background, integrate more seamlessly” says Kyle Vanhemert. That’s the future he sees for us. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier yet it just causes more complications.

Simplicity is the future, but our so called “advancements” are holding us back. We are forced to give attention to these objects that have become such a huge part of our lives, have caused horrible habits to society. Technology has been the fault to majors accidents causing injury even death. Due to distracted driving such as texting 11 teens die everyday ( The following link can give you some insight on the severeness of technology in how it distracts us.

The future that Jones sees is a future where you wouldn’t be distracted by a phone because the phone wouldn’t be a huge part of peoples life. In  article on Her, he points out “Theo’s phone in the film is just that–a handsome hinged device that looks more like an art deco cigarette case than an iPhone. He uses it far less frequently than we use our smartphones today; it’s functional, but it’s not ubiquitous…gadgets don’t need to scream their sophistication–a future where technology has progressed to the point that it doesn’t need to look like technology.” In the future the smart phone is no longer a precious object like it is in 2016. It can be apart of our lives but it will not over our lives like it is now. That is the life that i want to see for us, personally. It sounds too good to be true, unfortunately this future, although a better solution to our distraction problems, will probably not happen. Multimillion dollar companies depend on a customers dependency on their products to continue to sell their products and make money. I can only hope that one day technology will integrate into the background of our lives and save us from the distractions we deal with today to have a less distractive tomorrow.


Written by: Elena Carrasquillo

The Life We Can Only Hope For

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