Wikipedia: Source or Scandal

This article was extremely enlightening as we are often told that Wikipedia is not a credible source and have been told that since high school. It was quite insightful to get the idea that we could teach students to learn to figure out for themselves what is credible and not and to learn to search through the digital material on the web to find credible sources within these sights. Just last semester i was able to site buzzfeed on a final paper and it was actually an amazing source and a very critical article which gave a lot to my paper. My professor gave us complete rights to choose our sources as long as they bolstered our topics and it truly showed me the power we as students have to find credible sources on the web even though some very prestigious scholars say they are not reliable sources. As this article mentioned, just because a source can be altered or changed does not make it unreliable. I think that makes it even more reliable because that gives it the ability to be constantly fact checked by countless amounts of individuals and experts in the field.

Wikipedia: Source or Scandal

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