Digital World

In reading this article many aspects stood out as very common to students of our generation. I connected to Vishal on the level that I too would rather be using my social media than read an assigned reading for class. There is also the factor that it is something you are being forced to read versus something you want to do. The digital age is changing the way students learn and the way that they function in the classroom. Teachers trying to integrate technology into the classroom helps greatly to accommodate recent developments in the student need for technological advancement. However all of these advancements sometimes don’t help because social media is a powerful distracter. This distracter can be extremely detrimental to student learning because instead of using this technology for good they use it to be on their facebooks and instagrams. If we can appropriately incorporate digital technology into the classroom it can help teachers to truly connect with their students. It was also a good idea that the principle opened school later because students were staying up later on their computers. He realized that students were spending more time on their computers and accommodated for it. However should we accommodate for students changing their use of their technology? This im not sure.

Digital World

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