Is Technology the Real Problem or is it the People Using It?

Watch this video of Ellen showing kids “old” technology! It’s entertaining and fascinating.

Technology is an all encompassing tool used by every child born into this technology age. As a young adult myself, I have access to Mac computers, Apple phones, PC laptop, iPads, and so much more. Through my former high school years, technology was integrated into my high schools curriculum. At first I thought it was a great idea that schools were trying to add in things that us students liked to use, but then I realized even with the technology being used, if the student does not want to do the work, they won’t. In Matt Richtel’s article, Growing up Digital, Wired for Distraction, he reports technology has a huge impact on a students ability to learn and focus in school. I have seen this problem first hand because I have done this myself.I am the type of stuUnknowndent to multitask while doing work, for example texting, watching Netflix while doing math homework, listening to music while reading books for class. It’s all a distraction and yet I still do it. I was lucky enough to have parents who set rules for me in high school. As soon as I got home I had to do all my homework and after I was done I could have time to do whatever I wanted. It was a motivation to me to get my work done and still get me time. Unlike my parents, the parents in Richtel’s article could not seem to set boundaries. “Students say that their parents worries about their distractions, try to police computer time, that monitoring the use of cellphones is difficult” (4). They worry about their children’s grades yet they still don’t do much to stop the distractions. Who is at fault for the students not doing well in school? Technology or a parents lack of discipline to get their children to get done their school work. Some parents, like John McMullen, 56 believe that “If you’re not on top of technology, you’re not going to be on top of the world” (5). Which I believe to be a terrible way to look at things. Without basic skills in subjects like english, math, science and history, you can’t be “on top of the world” although technology is a huge part of every day life, to be able to get into college, for example, a student needs to be well rounded. Ritchel mentions a student named Vishal, he is versed in filmmaking but lacks many skills in other areas. With his intense need to create films, he overlooked his school work yet he still “hopes colleges, like the University of southern California or the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles, will be so impressed by his portfolio that they will over look his school performance” (8). Students all over the country believe this theory that if they are really good at something it will over look their academic struggles. But lets face it, a student who is well rounded has a better chance then someone who is only good in one area. Do I think there is a sum of student who do get into college because of their pure talent despite their academic grades in school, of course but that is the few not the many. Technology is putting a block on the futures of students by creating these distractions. Schools try to incorporate technology to keep students interested but the truth is if they aren’t interested in the topic to begin with they won’t stay focused anyways. Adding technology won’t help the most unmotivated students. I think technology has part of the blame for low grades in school but it is also the students motivation and parent motivation that is at fault as well.

check out these statistics of children that use technology! It’s mind blowing!

College board has made a short list to show what colleges look for in students, click the link to find out!

Written by: Elena Carrasquillo

Is Technology the Real Problem or is it the People Using It?

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